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All images, documents, and code pertaining to parts must be hosted on

As documentation is added to a part's page, you will need to upload files relevant to your part or contribution.

For example:

  • images (photos, graphs, 3D models)
  • experimental data (.csv, .xls)
  • sequence files

If referenced on the documentation of your part, these files must be uploaded to This ensures that the files will be hosted on the Registry server, not be lost/altered, and that other users can will have easy access to them.

Wiki Upload

You can upload files to the Registry through the Registry menu.

  • Hover over tools
  • Click on Upload files
  • Browse and select the file you would like to upload
  • Include the relevant part name in the upload's filename
    • Ex. If you're uploading a plate image for BBa_J04450, do not upload the file with a name like photo.jpg. Instead name it BBa_J04450-plate_image_1.jpg.