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These cell strains act as the main "chassis" for our Biobrick parts. Currently all cell strains are from the species Escherichia coli (E.coli).


The Registry does not provide bare cell chassis within their DNA shipments yet.


Many of our Biobricks cell types are commercially available, commonly used lab strains. We have chosen many of our available strains as Biobricks based on their wide use, ease of growth, and well-studied biology.

The description of cells is often their commercial name. For example, Part:BBa_V1004 has the description of "DH10B", the name given by its manufacturer.


A general list of nomenclature and abbreviations for the terms appearing in this column can be found on the Openwetware site.
Each cell strain's genotype is decoded in detail under the tag: "What does this mean (?)" under the Parts Design page of each cell strain part.