Help:Materials/Antibiotic Stocks

At iGEM HQ we prepare 1000x stock solutions of antibiotics which are stored at -20C until use. Antibiotics are also color coded.


  • Stock: 100mg/ml in 50% ethanol
  • Working: 100ug/ml
  • Color Code: Orange


  • Stock: 35mg/ml in 100% ethanol
  • Working: 35ug/ml
  • Color Code: Green


  • Stock: 35mg/ml in distilled water
  • Working: 35ug/ml
  • Color Code: Red
  • Notes: Stocks are stored in 1ml aliquots, and thawed before use


  • Stock: 15mg/ml in 50% ethanol
  • Working: 15ug/ml
  • Color Code: Yellow
  • Notes: Light-sensitive! Store in light-sensitive bottles or wrap with aluminum foil.