Help:Group Parts Table

The iGEM wikis (Registry and the yearly competition wikis) support a tag that inserts a table of parts for that group.

To use it insert the tag "<groupparts>iGEM016 Dundee_Schools<groupparts>" into your wiki markup. You will get a table like this:

Note: This is a wiki-specific tag, it will not work within <html> tags. The tag also uses the last 3 digits of the year (017 instead of 2017).


This table is sortable by column. As the page designer, you can also style this table as shown below.

Definition of <groupparts>

<groupparts> "group_type" "group_name" [" options ..."]</groupparts>

Group Types

The category for the group name. Note that two different iGEM teams may have the same name because they happened in different years. The group_type fixes this problem.

  • iGEM year - e.g iGEM2009 or iGEM09
  • laboratories - labs
  • courses - course2009
  • other


Normally, the grouppart tag inserts a table containing all of the team's favorite and sandbox types, except those that have been deleted. This behavior can be changed by adding a string of options. If no options are desired, omit the string. If more than one option is desired, include all of them inside quotes, separated by spaces.

  • Favorites - return a table containing only the groups favorite parts
  • Sandbox - return a table containing only the sandbox parts
  • Deleted - return a table containing only the deleted parts

Changing Table Styles

The elements of the table are set up with classes so that the user can change the style of the table somewhat.