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Use a variety of search tools to find interesting and useful parts.

Catalog Overview

Browse through the Registry by part type, curated collections, most used parts, and more!

Browse Distribution

See all the part samples that are in your Distribution Kit, along with their quality control results.


In the Registry menu above, hover over the Catalog menu, to see the full catalog.

Browse through the Catalog to see parts and devices that the Registry has to offer.

The Catalog organizes parts by various criteria, including function, curated collections, chassis, submitter, etc.

New: In order to publicize great parts, collections and trends on the Registry, the Catalog now has curated collections.

Each category will have a catalog page for the part or device class with links to different sub-classes and tables. Depending on the type of part, the tables provide various kinds of information, including a short description. Clicking on the part name in the table takes you directly to the Main Page for that part.

  • If there is a green A beside a part, then there is sample available in the distribution kit or by request.
  • If there is a green W beside a part, then the part has been shown to work in at least one system.
  • If there is a Registry star beside a part, then the part is available and has been confirmed through quality control measures.