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Use a variety of search tools to find interesting and useful parts.

Catalog Overview

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Browse Distribution

See all the part samples that are in your Distribution Kit, along with their quality control results.

Browse the Distribution

You can browse through the part samples in the Distribution Kit Plates or the entire Repository. In the Registry menu above, hover over the Repository menu, to see the 2019 Distribution or All Libraries

  • Click on 2019 Distribution to see the contents of all of your kit plates.
  • Click on the Kit Plate link of your choice. This will list all wells with their part name (BBa_..), along with their quality control information.
  • Click on the small part diagram below each Kit Plate link : this will show the part name, short description, and part type for each well.

These options will show you what is in each well of your plate, however they are not the best way to find specific parts you would like to use. We recommend using the search tools or catalog