Collections/Immune Regulation

The immune system requires a homeostatic balance of the components involved. It is part of the complex biological response of the body to several substances such as pathogen, antigens, allergens, etc. It is a protective mechanism that is triggered by several signals (oxidative stress, signal peptides, receptors, etc) and is regulated by the balance of pro and anti-inflammatory substances. In order to help future teams to engineer safe, effective, and required responses, we have curated the Immune regulation collection with the parts that have been designed and used by other previous teams. The collection is divided into sense and control, pro and anti-inflammatory substances, antibodies, receptors, and composite control mechanism devices to enable easy access during design. In case your iGEM team has designed a new part that involves any of these aspects, please do add on to the collection.

Sense & Control

Accidental release of inflammatory molecules can prove to be dangerous to the human body. These are parts that activate certain mechanisms like inflammatory responses only under particular conditions. eg: presence of certain pro-inflammatory compounds/molecules

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesType
BBa_K1799015pYeaR100Will Shindel1273 Regulatory
BBa_K203111Constitutive promoter; 2 REU426Lars Velten, Simon Haas, Hannah Meyer, Anne Rademacher, Hannah Uckelmann and Corinna Hiller3683 Regulatory
BBa_K2976009NF-κB induced promoter109Jiatong Chen42182Regulatory
BBa_K3244013NFAT-Response Ellement117Mohammad Tarek Mansour12161Regulatory
BBa_K3244014IL-2 Promoter114Mohammad Tarek Mansour12251Regulatory
BBa_K554000SoxS promoter62UNICAMP_EMSE Brazil team112257Regulatory
BBa_K554003SoxR483UNICAMP EMSE Brazil team113707Coding


This set includes compounds and cytokines which are pro-inflammatory and Anti inflammatory (or both).

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesType
BBa_K1228004A fragment of loctoferrin 75Zhang SW1989 Coding
BBa_K1319003human galectin-3, codon optimized for E. coli753Michael Osthege3864 Coding
BBa_K1611000IFNgamma471Frederic Ros1813 Coding
BBa_K1728004IL8 partial sequence102Yung-Li Chen, Zih-Yu Liu, Cheng-Hsiung Hsu13591RNA
BBa_K1728005IL1β partial sequence89Yung-Li Chen, Zih-Yu Liu, Cheng-Hsiung Hsu13601RNA
BBa_K1929300Interleukin-2 (IL-2) with designed RBS646Maxwell Ng15401Coding
BBa_K223053hIL-6 Generator (Freiburg-compatible)620Anusuya Ramasubramanian1126 Generator
BBa_K2520045Bee venom PLA epitope 136Dana Kadosh26821Protein_Domain
BBa_K2653015TNF-α734Jiaxin Ma2534 Coding
BBa_K2817004Myrosinase (horseradish)1533Zhaoyu Liu5545 Coding
BBa_K2876014IL1B807Eleanor Glockner6747 Coding
BBa_K2913019TNF-α1383Yuhan Liu, Yannan Wang4002 Coding
BBa_K2924028β-casein702Melanie Sbielut, Andreas Nakielski3475 Coding
BBa_K2924041Lactoferrin 1055Melanie Sbielut 29631Coding
BBa_K2957000IL-8 (CXCL8) 314Cloning Team (Melody, Margaret, Krissy, Ethan)27344Coding
BBa_K2957094C5a3066Ye Cheng Zheng2732 Coding
BBa_K2986014Interleukin 10534zheng shuxin19861Coding
BBa_K2986015Interleukin 8297zheng shuxin25501DNA
BBa_K3009001FPR2 receptor1059Carolin Ruckes28152Signalling
BBa_K3078005LL-37117Ziang Guo56342Coding
BBa_K3132017human interleukine 15373Qiliang Yang1582 Coding
BBa_K3234000Human interleukin 2399Yuxin Huang4820 Coding
BBa_K3244015IL-18579Mohammad Tarek Mansour12021Coding
BBa_K554004IL10504UNICAMP EMSE Brazil team87521Coding


This set contains some membrane receptors.

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesType
BBa_K1391002CD79A684Alexa Garcia30803 Coding
BBa_K1391003CD79B693Alexa Garcia30803 Coding
BBa_K1993001CCR71137Su Xiaojun5023 Coding
BBa_K1993002CXCR11053Zhou Longyuan 4372 Coding
BBa_K1993003CXCR41071Su Xiaojun50872Coding
BBa_K1993004CCR51059Su Xiaojun4437 Coding
BBa_K1993012CCR21125Su Xiaojun4423 Coding
BBa_K1993013CXCR51119Su Xiaojun50221Coding
BBa_K2549001suface-expressed CD191083Rongrong Du122181Coding
BBa_K2976000Toll-like receptor 154Jiatong Chen2758 Coding
BBa_K2976001Toll-like receptor 12361Jiatong Chen46511Coding
BBa_K2976002Toll-like receptor 2 2358Jiatong Chen46341Coding
BBa_K2976003Cluster of differentiation 14 (CD14)1128Jiatong Chen44751Coding
BBa_K321004intracellular chain of KIR3DL1240Hannah Yan41401Protein_Domain


Antibodies are proteins used by the immune system to neutralise pathogens such as viruses and microorganisms. This set contains a few antibodies previously used.

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesType
BBa_K1071007Hep B Antibody light chain711Team Marburg 20133048 Coding
BBa_K1071008Hep B Antibody heavy chain1404Team Marburg 201330703Coding
BBa_K1391000Gantenerumab Variable Human Ig-M Heavy Chain1860Alexa Garcia32028 Coding
BBa_K1391001Gantenerumab Variable Human Ig-M Light Chain720Alexa Garcia31984 Coding
BBa_K1694003Single-chain variable fragment (Anti-VEGF) 747CHIH-HSUAN HSU143852Coding
BBa_K1694004Single-chain variable fragment (Anti-EGFR)735CHIH-HSUAN HSU162001Coding
BBa_K1694005Single-chain variable fragment (Anti-HER2)582CHIH-HSUAN HSU153122Coding
BBa_K1933004constitutive promoter and RBS60Tomoki Uchino 18786Regulatory
BBa_K2247006Single-chain variable fragment 1 of anti-Aflatoxin B1 antibody (antiAFB1-ScFv1)732Jianing Han47181Coding
BBa_K2520001Single Chain Fragment Variable (scFv) of rat anti-murine IgM antibody699Noa Eden, Dana Kadosh2322 Coding
BBa_K2520043Celiac epitope 1 27Dana Kadosh25161Protein_Domain
BBa_K2520044Celiac epitope 327Dana Kadosh25161Protein_Domain
BBa_K2622004scFv_antiVGY733Auksė Gai?auskaitė2650 Coding
BBa_K2876007anti-aflatoxinB1 ScFv1732Eleanor Glockner2180 Coding
BBa_K2876011IL-1 Beta scFv2720Eleanor Glockner2000 Coding
BBa_K2876015anti-IL1B scFv1772Eleanor Glockner1959 Coding
BBa_K2946000scFv (Single-Chain Variable Fragment)810eden asraf20091Protein_Domain
BBa_K3064009mmuIgG-Fc528Jie Cai22272Coding
BBa_K3090001single chain variable fragment (scFv(P5))717Jungwoo Choe29451DNA
BBa_K3090002single chain variable fragment (scFv(P5)) with cpp768Jungwoo Choe3700 DNA
BBa_K3117039kappa light chain321Lena Schorr14572Protein_Domain
BBa_K3117040constant region 1 (CH1) of an antibody324Lena Schorr13582Protein_Domain
BBa_K3132005anti-HER2 scFV697Qiliang Yang2720 Coding
BBa_K3346000Siltuximab Heavy Variable Chain for IgG328Emily Laskey -1Coding
BBa_T2018V5 epitope tag tail domain (GKPIPNPLLGLDST)48Reshma Shetty1896 Protein_Domain
BBa_T2019V5 epitope tag head domain (GKPIPNPLLGLDST)48Reshma Shetty1967 Protein_Domain
BBa_T2020V5 epitope tag special internal domain (GKPIPNPLLGLDST)42Reshma Shetty1848 Protein_Domain


This set contains other miscellaneous molecules whose functions are related to the immune system.

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesType
BBa_K1686045crdA gene with codon optimisation for E. coli1458Jean Descarpentrie3071 Coding
BBa_K1686047crdC gene with codon optimisation for E. coli 1266Jean Descarpentrie2858 Coding
BBa_K2226003COX-2 gene756An-Chi Tsai15051DNA
BBa_K2309021LL-37 for Lactococcus lactis NZ9000 (codon optimized)120Zixin Rong39554Coding
BBa_K2539250ALDH2*2 Basic Part1554Catherine Chang35622Coding
BBa_K2885000Protien G (ProG)555Sungho Ko36652Coding
BBa_K2976006Anti-PD-L1 peptide72Jiatong Chen25601Coding
BBa_K380010Immunoglobulin G protease (IdeS)930Nina Schiller2647 Coding


This set contains composite parts used by previous iGEM teams.

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesType
BBa_K1598005pYear-RBS-TPH1-6xHis-Terminator1611Marta Napiorkowska18735 Composite
BBa_K223047SoxR - SoxS - GFP Reporter with Lac Promoter1867Suzanne Bartram6226 Reporter
BBa_K2760023NsrR Optimized for both L. rhamnosus GG & E.coli375iGEM18_TecMonterrey_GDL1786 Coding
BBa_K2817000PnorV-RBS-amilCP881Zhaoyu Liu8053 Composite
BBa_K2817007PyeaR-RBS-amilCP935Zhaoyu Liu7645 Composite
BBa_K2967019The yeaR promoter will initiate the express of IL-10 when nitric oxide appear1130Lijun Bao2246 Composite
BBa_K2967030NorR-PnorV-amplicp2836Rui Wang5449 Composite
BBa_K2976014NF-κB induced promoter-granulysin634Jiatong Chen4433 Composite
BBa_K3287000Nit_Blue935Maria Ancin4158 Composite
BBa_K381001Nitrate reporter: PyeaR - GFP composite986Katharine Coyte385473Composite
BBa_K554002HlyA secretion signal peptide186UNICAMP EMSE Brazil team1235713Coding
BBa_K554012SoxS GFP HlyA device1085UNICAMP EMSE Brazil team8470 Device