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Bacterial cellulose has proven to be a useful and flexible biomaterial for a variety of applications. Several iGEM teams have worked with cellulose as a biomaterial, both in production and degradation.

Previous iGEM Team Projects

The following table contains iGEM teams that have worked with cellulose to some degree, along with links to their project wiki and Registry parts. This is not an exhaustive list.

Team Year Parts Project Title
Aalto-Helsinki 2015 Parts Fuel for the Future: E. coli producing renewable propane from cellulose
Berlin 2015 Parts Enzymatic Flagellulose
HAFS-Korea 2015 Parts Engineering an E.coli that transforms cellulose to alcohol by using gene from trichoderma reesei
UCSC 2015 Parts Engineering the Future of Biofuel
Imperial 2014 Parts Manufacture of Bacterial Cellulose Biomaterials: Towards Tailor-Made Biofilters
Hannover 2014 Parts Plant against – Removing heavy metals from nature
StanfordBrownSpelman 2014 Parts Towards a Biosynthetic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Biwako Nagahama 2013 Parts AgRePaper&E.coli-ink
Penn State 2013 Parts Plants as Plants: Natural Factories Producing Fuel, Plastic, Flavoring, and More
WHU-China 2012 Parts E. coslim: Synthetic Probiotics Help Defy Obesity
HUST-China 2012 Parts Synthetic Biofactory: Lignocellulose Decomposer and Microbial Fuel Cell
Missouri_Miners 2012 Parts Adjustable Multi-Enzyme to Cell Surface Anchoring Protein
Tec-Monterrey 2011 Parts E. Coli's Sweet Deal
Tokyo_Metropolitan 2010 Parts Life Design: Fine Clothing, Color Housing and Delicious Food by using E. coli

Highlighted Projects

2014 Imperial Team

The iGEM 2014 Imperial Team created a bacterial cellulose filter for their Aqualose project.

"The porosity of bacterial cellulose and our synthetic attachment of contaminant-specific binding and catabolic proteins make for a flexible, modular water filter. Our manufactured biomaterial would augment water recycling and reclamation on local and industrial scales, helping to alleviate water stress." - iGEM 2014 Imperial Team

Through their project, they created a set of well-documented cellulose binding domains, paired with reporter genes (GFP) and metal binding domains.

2014 StanfordBrownSpelman Team

The iGEM 2014 StanfordBrownSpelman Team used cellulose as a biomaterial in their UAV.

Cellulose Synthesis

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesType
BBa_K861100BcsA,cellulose synthetase, catalytic subunit2619Xian Xia25891Coding
BBa_K861110BcsB,regulator of cellulose synthetase2340Xian Xia25051Coding
BBa_K336020bacterial cellulose synthase B2415Naoto Shimada 1569 Coding
BBa_K336021bacterial cellulose synthase D471Naoto Shimada 1494 Coding
BBa_K861120BcsZ, endo-1,4-D-glucanase1107Xian Xia25351Coding
BBa_K1043005Cellulose Synthase 3078Casey Hall1342 Other
BBa_K1043006Cellulose Synthase 82955Casey Hall1349 Other
BBa_K336052bacterial cellulose synthase C3978Naoto Shimada 1440 Coding
BBa_K336051bacterial cellulose synthase A2238Naoto Shimada 1442 Coding
BBa_K861130BcsC,cellulose synthetase subunit3474Xian Xia23931Coding
BBa_K1044004CelB protein gene CelB from Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58.2484Koki Tsutsumi1317 Coding
BBa_K1044003Cellulose synthase gene CelA from Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58.2190Koki Tsutsumi1363 Coding
BBa_K1044005Cellulose synthased operon (CelA,B,C) from Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58.5722Koki Tsutsumi,Eshin Mitsui1195 Composite

Cellulose Binding

NameDescriptionLengthCreated byDocumentationUsesType
BBa_K863101Cellulose binding Domain of Cellulomonas Fimi Exoglucanse (Freiburg-Standard)345Moritz M?ller7219 Protein_Domain
BBa_K863111Cellulose binding domain of C. cellulovorans cellulose binding protein gene (Freiburg-Standard)318Moritz M?ller3927 Protein_Domain
BBa_K1478001Cellulose binding domain309Fabian Fr?mling33903Protein_Domain
BBa_K1321344NiBP fused to CBDcex in RFC 25509Chris N Micklem25041Coding
BBa_K1321346CBDclos fused to sfGFP in RFC 251017Chris N Micklem49251Coding
BBa_K1321345NiBP fused to dCBD with linker in RFC 25548Chris N Micklem27571Coding
BBa_K1321352NiBP fused to CBDcex driven by T7567Chris N Micklem2568 Coding
BBa_K1321340Double CBD (dCBD) with N-terminal linker366Chris N Micklem1045328Coding
BBa_K1321339CBDcenA+Linker, RFC 25 standard408Chris N Micklem415113Coding
BBa_K1321090Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 + Linker-dCBD495Xenia Spencer-Milnes6301 Coding
BBa_K1321092Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 fused to CBDcex456Xenia Spencer-Milnes4422 Coding
BBa_K1321094CBDclos fused to Phytochelatin (PC) EC20429Xenia Spencer-Milnes2651 Coding
BBa_K1321343NiBP fused to CBDclos in RFC 25482Chris N Micklem30761Coding
BBa_K1321342sfGFP fused to CBDcex in RFC 251044Chris N Micklem28783Coding
BBa_K1321348sfGFP fused to dCBD with linker in RFC 251083Chris N Micklem62533Coding
BBa_K1321341sfGFP fused to CBDclos in RFC 251017Chris N Micklem48192Coding
BBa_K1321349CBDcex fused to sfGFP in RFC 251044Chris N Micklem21611Coding
BBa_K1321351CBDcenA with linker fused to NiBP in Freiburg format (RFC 25)590Chris N Micklem27611Coding
BBa_K1321353NiBP fused to CBDclos driven by T7540Chris N Micklem3141 Coding
BBa_K1321356sfGFP fused to CBDclos driven by LacI1252Chris N Micklem38081Composite
BBa_K1321357sfGFP fused to CBDcex driven by LacI1279Chris N Micklem84951Composite
BBa_K1499004Cellulose binding domains with streptavidin domain generator1052Raman Nelakanti17909 Generator
BBa_K1321100Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 fused to linker-dCBD with T7 promoter553Xenia Spencer-Milnes4525 Coding
BBa_K1321101Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 fused to CBDclos with T7 promoter487Xenia Spencer-Milnes2882 Coding
BBa_K1321104CBDclos fused to Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 with T7 promoter487Xenia Spencer-Milnes2912 Coding
BBa_K1321105CBDcex fused to Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 with T7 promoter514Xenia Spencer-Milnes2382 Coding
BBa_K1321110Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 fused to linker-dCBD with LacI 730Xenia Spencer-Milnes4604 Coding
BBa_K1321111Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 fused with CBDclos with LacI promoter664Xenia Spencer-Milnes2552 Coding
BBa_K1321112Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 fused to CBDcex with LacI promoter691Xenia Spencer-Milnes4561 Coding
BBa_K1321114CBDclos fused to phytochelatin (PC) EC20 with LacI promoter664Xenia Spencer-Milnes2791 Coding
BBa_K1321115CBDcex fused to phytochelatin (PC) EC20 with LacI promoter691Xenia Spencer-Milnes2261 Coding
BBa_K1321120SmtA metallothionein fused to linker-dCBD537Gabriella Santosa2434 Coding
BBa_K1321366CBDcex fused to sfGFP with T7 promoter1102Gabriella Santosa2518 Composite
BBa_K1321121Smt metallothionein fused to CBDclos471Gabriella Santosa2660 Generator
BBa_K1321122Smt fused to CBDcex498Gabriella Santosa2340 Coding
BBa_K1321151metallothionein Fmt fused to CBDclos504Gabriella Santosa2654 Coding
BBa_K1321152metallothionein Fmt fused to CBDcex531Gabriella Santosa2335 Coding
BBa_K1321154CBDclos fused to metallothionein Fmt504Gabriella Santosa2704 Coding
BBa_K1321091Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 fused to CBDclos447Xenia Spencer-Milnes2606 Coding
BBa_K1321095CBDcex fused to Phytochelatin (PC) EC20472Xenia Spencer-Milnes2121 Coding
BBa_K1321097CBDcenA-linker fused to Phytochelatin (PC) EC20511Xenia Spencer-Milnes2372 Coding
BBa_K1933103constitutive expression of CBDclos fused to BclA with 6xHis tag444Tomoki Uchino 3857 Composite
BBa_K1933102constitutive expression of CBDcex fused to BclA with 6xHis tag471Tomoki Uchino 3964 Composite
BBa_K1933101constitutive expression of CBDclos fused to INPNC with 6xHis tag1335Tomoki Uchino 3646 Composite
BBa_K1933100constitutive expression of CBDcex fused to INPNC with 6xHis tag1362Tomoki Uchino 6731 Composite
BBa_K2825000PETase-Linker-CBDcipA-Linker-HlyA tag6943John Starkel, Jacob Premo, Daniel Zheng7710 Device
BBa_K863102Cellulose binding Domain of C. Fimi Exoglucanase with T7, RBS, GS-Linker (Freiburg-Standard)373Moritz M?ller4186 Composite
BBa_K863103Cellulose binding Domain from Cellulomonas Fimi with Reporter GFP1111Moritz M?ller4859 Reporter
BBa_K863110Cellulose binding Domain from Clostridium cellulovorans cellulose binding protein312Moritz M?ller3868 Protein_Domain
BBa_K863112Cellulose binding domain of C. cellulovorans with T7, RBS, GS-Linker (Freiburg-Standard)337Moritz M?ller4221 Composite
BBa_K863113Cellulose binding Domain of C. cellulovorans cellulose binding protein with Reporter GFP1075Moritz M?ller4780 Reporter
BBa_K863104Cellulose binding Domain from C. Fimi with const. Promotor and GFP1144Moritz M?ller5027 Reporter
BBa_K863114CBD of C. cellulovorans cellulose binding protein gene with const. Promoter (J23100+J61101) and GFP1117Moritz M?ller4483 Reporter
BBa_K1321093Phytochelatin (PC) EC20 + Linker-CBDcipA-Linker840Gabriella Santosa22382Coding
BBa_K1321003Re-entry of BBa_K863101, Cellulose Binding Domain CBDcex in rfc25327Xenia Spencer-Milnes201825Coding
BBa_K1321002Re-entry of BBa_K863111, Cellulose Binding Domain CBDclos in rfc25300Xenia Spencer-Milnes204027Coding
BBa_K1321014CBDCipA with N and C-terminal linker711Xenia Spencer-Milnes48257Coding
BBa_K1321096Linker-CBDcipA-Linker + Phytochelatin (PC) EC20840Xenia Spencer-Milnes23532Coding
BBa_K1979001CBD (cbh2)147MA Xinyi23795Coding

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